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Imagine if every person on the planet gave you $1.00. It wouldn’t be difficult for them and you would immediately become a billionaire. Now that sounds great but the question is. How could you possibly encourage them to do that? Well all brilliant ideas are simple, by becoming a member and by supporting the International Philanthropic Projects of GIFTOBIT, you could receive 100’s of dollars worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time and the amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.

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After you have purchased your Education Package, you’ll be automatically placed in the Plan A Self Compounding Matrix. 0.05 BTC (Bitcoin) will be contributed to your assigned upline. All Bitcoin contributions you receive are automatically performed directly between our GiftoBit members, effortlessly bypassing the company's account.

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Knowledge is Power. We strongly suggest you start your Cryptocurrency Education as soon as possible.Now share the GiftoBit opportunity with family and friends, and you will be helping the Team Build Matrixto grow. You will receive a bonus position in the Matrixfor every 5 new paid members you refer to GiftoBit!!!

You will Receive Bitcoin Contributions
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Every time a member upgrades to a new level or purchases a new position in the matrix, contributions flow up to you as the assigned upline. 75% of all your received Bitcoin contributions can be withrawn at any time. 25% must be contributed to your choice of Philanthropic Project from our well-vetted list.

Receive Bitcoins instantly into your Bitcoin Wallets, quick and easily.!!
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Member Reviews
We are absolutely delighted to be part of the GiftoBit caring family. Donating to charities around the world as we await better things & having the finances to share with those needing help closer to home.
I love that Giftobit combines fantastic training on cryptocurrency with raising money for real projects and that you can select which project you wish to give money to. This business will help so many people around the world and we can all feel good to be
A Breath Of Fresh Air! The opportunity to be Actively & Consciously involved in making a difference with worldwide Philanthropic Projects in need of our help. Thank You for creating this Life Changing opportunity!
Giftobit is the exciting revolutionary Charity platform we have all been waiting for! It will change the way we live, work and play by Giving and Receiving in return. The true value of this can be felt in the heart and soul, empowering every one of us to
GiftoBit has the perfect blend of cryptocurrency education, a vision for a more caring world, and a system for members to contribute regularly to carefully-selected philanthropic projects throughout the world. I feel blessed to be part of GiftoBit.
WOW Giftobit is extraordinary concept, everyone's have to think outside of the box to understand this amazing unique formula, everyone start earning and learning about cryptocurrency, we all helping each other and supporting local charity program. I am gl
Giftobit is about to take the world by storm! Its about time the balance was tipped toward individuals who want to give as much as they want to get... and Giftobit is an ingenius platform for those people, globally. An easily-accessible matrix designed b
"Having worked on line for the past 8 years I was blown away when the owners released their vision to create this worldwide Philanthropic community! Always wanting to assist those less fortunate both here in Australia and overseas but not having the reso
I’m really impressed with the concept of the Bitcoin education package in “GiftoBit”. Bitcoin was something I’ve always wanted to know more about. Once I found out about the Philanthropic side of the business I couldn’t wait to register. With GiftoBit I’m
Ik ben altijd geïnteresseerd geweest om iets over Bitcoin te leren. Toen een goede vriend mij adviseerde over het GiftoBit's Educatie pakket was ik gelijk enthousiast over de mogelijkheid om te doneren en tegelijkertijd winst te behalen naar liefdadighe
It has been easy in the past to ask "What can one person do?" Now, one person CAN change the world and GiftoBit is a great vehicle to accomplish just that! I'm excited to participate with this wonderful program, helping people in need worldwide and helpin
My goal in life has always been to become wealthy so I could share my education and wealth to people in need. Giftobit is a win win for me as it is creating my wealth at the same time I am contributing a percent of my wealth to Philanthropic Projects!
Por el transcurso de cinco Meses e tenido el placer de ser parte y conocer los Directores Fundadores de GIFTOBIT., a sido un plaser de ver como an avansado y la onestiad y persistencia que an compartido sus ideas y tambien aceptar la opinion de sus miembr
It's really happening the videos, dashboard set-up, track your positions & timing of stages. The programs ability to pay out incredible amounts of Bitcoin will come true too! Millions worldwide will benefit. When this launches, jump on board, hold tight &


Changing The World Bit By Bit. Join Us!