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Together, no-one is invisible. GiftoBit brings us a better way.
How GiftoBit Works
Just 0.06 Bitcoin to earn 215 Bitcoin while getting your Bitcoin Education.
Why is Learning about Bitcoin Important for You & Your Family?
Withdraw Bitcoin, and give 25% to children, animals, villages or those in need.
Giving Should Be Rewarded
EARN Bitcoin while you LEARN Bitcoin to prepare for the future of money.
It’s not too late!
Be Part of the Story
GiftoBit is the first of its kind; a Not-For-Profit NGO paying its members to change the world!
Join us in Making History
A transparent organisation run by the people, for the people.
Share. Inspire. Work. Trust. Thrive.

GiftoBit How It Works

How To Join GiftoBit


Help Change the World While Earning Bitcoin

GiftoBit Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO (Non Government Organisation) that has found a unique way to help the world’s less fortunate. Average people, like you and I, purchase a once-off Bitcoin Education Package from GiftoBit that teaches us how to understand, manage, and make the best of cryptocurrency – the future of money. As we learn about bitcoin, we also earn bitcoin, which is given to us as a gift from GiftoBit. The idea is that we can then each spend cryptocurrency as we learn about it. Each member eventually earns at least 215 bitcoins as the program grows, and much more if we refer others to join. And all the while, 25% of all earnings are given directly to philanthropic projects, helping children, animals, villages, and those who most need our help.

This blog is a project created by GiftoBit Ambassadors, volunteers, and passionate GiftoBit members! It is a community space, and in the true GiftoBit spirit, anyone with a registered GiftoBit account can submit an article for the public to read. See our Blog Submission Form for instructions on how to contribute.

Each Blog Article Contains a Referral Link You Can Use
All articles are volunteered by members of the GiftoBit community, and they contain the referral link of that author. Readers can choose to join GiftoBit via these referral links. We encourage those who have discovered GiftoBit without a referral link to register for the GiftoBit Program using the link of an article you have enjoyed reading. Because the wealth of GiftoBit is shared between our members using a precise mathematical formula, you must join via another member’s link (even when you register for a free account) so that in the future you can join our self-compounding matrix and earn free bitcoin. There is no option to join GiftoBit without a referral link.

Another option is to leave your details on our private Sign Up page, and a GiftoBit member will contact you with their referral link. No specific link will give you an advantage over another link in the GiftoBit matrix – however your sponsor will be your direct support network and happily answer any questions you have. Choose the referral link of someone who you resonate with. And welcome to the GiftoBit community! You are going to love it!

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