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Lunch With A Friend

Lunch With a Friend

Hello Members.

I’d just like to tell you about a wonderful experience I was lucky enough to enjoy earlier this week. As a member of GiftoBit, and proud to be so, I believe it is very important to spread the word and vision.

As soon as I joined, I spoke to a few people who I believed may have been interested, one of which was my very good friend Rob. I explained the message behind GiftoBit and he bought in to the philanthropic angle immediately. Of course, the long term gain, through matrices etc and long term ability to donate, he felt went hand in hand. Rob signed up and is now a paid member.

I hasten to add that when it comes to the internet, Rob is a very private individual, no Facebook, no other social media applications, just happy to use email. Over last weekend Rob contacted me and said that he had been thinking about who he felt may be interested from his group of friends, and would I help out explaining etc. I suggested that we all got together and to organise a small social event. On Tuesday last week we had our first GiftoBit lunch (Traditional British fish and chips ) at the Park View Cafe in Pontypridd, a 60 year old Italian Cafe, a small piece of Italy in the Welsh valleys. I gave the presentation albeit huddled around my lap top to a group of 5. Again, except for one person, no one was internet savvy. Happy to say that all 5 of Rob’s friends signed and paid, and what was even more pleasing, they were prepared to engage further with GiftoBit.

Both Rob and I since Tuesday have 4 more people, two signed and paid with 2 to arrive later today. On a personal note, it is very easy to knock and criticise something, words are cheap. I believe with the greatest of gratitude that this opportunity is in our hands. We are so blessed being able to give so efficiently and easily. Yes, it may take a little time to get moving but please have the patience, it WILL happen.

Just to finish up, later next week, I will be helping one of Rob’s paid members’ develop his first 5 too, and on it goes. Rob asked me to share his story as he hasn’t a Face Book account, or as he refers to it Book Face!


John Mattia

The only way to join GiftoBit is via a referral link. If you do not have one from elsewhere, and if you liked this article, please use the author’s referral link to register your free GiftoBit account by clicking here and choosing ‘Register’:https://giftobit.com/?r=Moonshot

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  1. Great story John Mattia, I am so happy for you and your Rob.

    Giftobit is a wonderful programme and I feel that once the masses
    get to know about it it will flourish.

    I feel blessed to be part of Giftobit and promote it consistently.
    I especially love the way we can all help those less fortunate while
    earning a very good income ourselves.
    Wishing you and all our members success.
    ‘Not alone for ourselves were we born’

  2. Great article John,
    It just goes to show how easy this project is. Everybody wants to be able to give back. We’ve all been told that if you give and keep giving it will come back to you tenfold. I’ve tried practicing this many times to no avail, finally I believe we have the vehicle that will enable people to help humanity and be rewarded at the same time.

    Cheers Neil Excited Giftobit Member

    • Hi, Beth!….good point there…..he is very respectful of wo8e.&#m230;.neven that lady who tried to kiss him and won’t let him go….he was trying to escape but was still careful not to hurt her LOL

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