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About GiftoBit

Giftobit Foundation was founded in July 2016 by Carlene Spiteri and Daniel Spiteri, a mother and son team with a vision to educate the masses on the future of money being cryptocurrency and at the same time supporting numerous philanthropic projects around the world by providing financial support to selected projects that provide access to basic services such as Education, Environment, Food, Health, Human Rights, Humanitarian, Income Generation, Life Enhancement, Shelter, and Animal Rights in numerous countries around the world.  

The founders have extensive experience within the Digital Currency, Crypto Currency and internet technology community. They have a very large following of people within the community that support them with their vision of a better life for all living beings on Gaia (Earth)

They are both very passionate about their vision and hold a very strong sense of purpose and belief that no one should be living in poverty in this day and age.

At the heart of all their work is a commitment to community-led, sustainable development projects, and a belief in the power of a team based community working together to create real impact.

Our Vision

To educate, empower and inspire positive change globally throughout the community based membership of Giftobit Foundation and its philanthropic projects we support.

Our Mission

    GiftoBit is committed to:
  • Creating innovative and exciting opportunities for people to change their lives, to be free, to be able to live life passionately and to be able to do the things they are most passionate about.
  • Create a sense of purpose in people’s lives by facilitating a method of being able to contribute to the global community as a philanthropist, helping other less fortunate than themselves with ongoing financial support.
  • Empowering people with needed education which prepares them for the technological future of money via Cryptocurrency
  • Creating a shift in consciousness around the world that everything is achievable and plentiful if we all work together as one global community focussed on making great change for all of humanity.

Our Organisational Structure

GiftoBit is a not for profit, non-religious and non-political international NGO (Non-Government Organisation).

Our approach to international development

At GiftoBit we value best practice development and community-driven solutions, working with our philanthropic partners to support projects in all areas of areas of Education, Environment, Food, Health, Human Rights, Humanitarian, Income Generation, Life Enhancement, Shelter, and Animal Rights.  

We take carefully select projects that fit to a certain criteria that only support a 'hand up, not a hand out' approach to development, which means they support local communities to implement projects that build their capacity to generate their own income and improve access to basic services long-term.

Our Financial Accountability

GiftoBit is a non-profit community service organisation, and we will have all of our financial records audited every twelve months.  

We receive no government funding and rely on our members Bitcoin contributions from their own Bitcoin generated within the Unique Self Compounding Matrix System to go towards all the listed philanthropic partners, which will our work to continue.

The founders are proud of the fact that any profit that the organisation makes at the end of each financial year will go straight back into improving the educational material for GiftoBit members and facilitating numerous live events around the world which will also enhance the lives of our members and the communities in which they reside.

The founders are responsible for maintaining the financial records and assuring that 100% of all contributions received by its members are used for the Principal Purpose, which is:

"To provide ongoing financial support to our carefully selected Philanthropic Projects around the world."

A Management Committee for the Foundation will be formed to assist in the management and operations of the GiftoBit Foundation.

Our International Partnerships

We have worked over many years to build strong and meaningful partnerships with in-country organisations and communities around the world, and we value partnerships that reflect community-driven solutions to poverty and making the world a better place for all.

The GiftoBit Head Office is presently based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia


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