Earn and Learn.
Receive Bitcoins daily,
... just by helping others!
How to Join ?
It is very easy to become a member of the international Philanthropic foundation called GIFTOBIT. Receive ongoing education about Crypto Currency, while receiving ongoing Bitcoin contributions for helping others.
Register yourself in GIFTOBIT

The registration process is quite simple and takes no more than a couple of minutes. Firstly you must use a referal link from one of our members to complete the registration process. Provide your full name, your email address, your mobile phone number. Create a unique username and a security password. Your account will be created instantly!!

Activate your account

To activate your account, you will first need to verify your email address. Check your emails for your Giftobit Welcome email. Once you verify your email address, you can LOGIN to your account. If the email is not in your email Inbox, check your spam folder.

Purchase your education package

The process of purchasing your education package is simple. If you are new to Bitcoin, you will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet, so you can purchase some Bitcoin. Ask the person who refered you to GIFTOBIT if they can asist you with purchasing some Bitcoin.

Step 1

Purchase some Bitcoin to cover the cost of the education package 0.05 BTC plus a bit extra to cover your once off, account activation fee’s of 0.01 BTC, a total of 0.06 BTC. The exchange that you are using may also charge a small fee, so just check before making your final purchase if they will charge a transfer fee and include it in your BTC purchase. To be on the safe side if you purchase 0.07 BTC you will have enough plus some BTC left over which can always be used at a later date.

Step 2

Login to your GIFTOBIT account. Select the
Purchase Now button. You will be taken to our Bitcoin payment gateway to purchase your education package and pay for your account activation fee..

Contribute to a Philanthropic Project

You will start receiving Bitcoin contributions from other members all around the world. 75% of all your received contributions can be withdrawn for yourself at any time.

The other 25% is to be contibuted towards our Philanthropic Projects.

Step 1

Select a project from a category and a country that you want to support.

Step 2

Send some of your contribution balance to a project.

What to do next?
Share GIFTOBIT with family and freinds

To help grow the GIFTOBIT Team Build Matrix, use your personal Referal Link, located on your dashboard within your personal account.

You will also find Marketing Banners and Lead pages in your Promotional Tools section of your account that are linked to your referal link, which you can use on websites and in emails.

The more actively you invite new members to our Community who purchase our education, the more bonus positions you will receive. The more frequently you receive Bitcoin contributions, the more Bitcoin you will be able to contribute to our projects.

Participate in the GIFTOBIT Community.

Join the official GIFTOBIT communities social networks and vistit Online-Conferences. Stay up to date with all news, learn about new Crypto Currency Technologies and services. Communicate with other members, leave your comments and participate in group chats.

Post screen shots of your contributions on our social media pages so others can see how successful we are all doing as a team. Sharing your received contribution posts with others is a great way to introduce others to GIFTOBIT.


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